Plataforma per la Llengua, the Catalan-language NGO.

We are an organisation that works to defend the Catalan language and to promote it as a tool for social cohesion. We operate in the various Catalan-speaking territories with a cross-cutting approach, covering areas such as socioeconomics, audiovisual communication, education, public administrations and business.

We currently have territorial delegations in the Valencian Community, Barcelona Province, El Maresme, Baix Llobregat, Vallès Occidental, the Balearic Islands and Alghero. We have over 18,000 members in total and numerous entities working to promote the Catalan language.

The time has now come to take it international and make the Catalan voice heard in Europe. Do you want to help us?

What does your contribution allow us to do?

  • Directly report the Spanish state’s failure to comply with international commitments regarding language to the United Nations, the European Council and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. These international organisations regularly monitor the level of compliance with these commitments and it is important that they are made aware of any failures to comply, so that they put pressure on the Spanish state to make changes.
  • Influence the European Union’s legislative procedures so that they take into account the linguistic rights of Catalan speakers when approving Directives or Regulations, in direct contact with MEPs and members of the European Commission.
  • Report to the European Commission regarding failures to comply with Directives and Regulations on the linguistic rights of Catalan speakers.
  • Work on a stable basis with other organisations which defend the linguistic rights of speakers of non-official EU languages.
  • Disseminate the situation of the Catalan language among the main think tanks, interest groups and media which work around the EU institutions and other major international organisations.
  • Strengthen the image of Catalan as a normal, medium-sized language with regard to international public opinion.